What does the Fair Work Ombudsman Priorities Mean for You?

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The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has announced their compliance priorities for Financial Year 20-21.   “Wage theft” continues to be a priority for the FWO who has called out to large corporates to get their house in order with their payroll systems and getting it accurately aligned to their industrial instruments (Awards and Enterprise Agreements)


“Fast food, restaurants and cafes, horticulture and the harvest trail, franchisors, and sham contracting will continue to be a focus of the regulator’s compliance and enforcement activities.”

The FWO will focus on the hospitality and agricultural sectors which is made up of many small employers who have struggled in the past with Award interpretation.   There will be an additional effort made in COVID-19 JobKeeper payment compliance.

On the upside:

“….the agency will provide education, advice, tools and resources to small business and those hardest hit by COVID-19. “

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