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We know that every business is different and faces unique challenges depending on their industry and market.   HR is not your core business but it is ours.  Our business can help your business by providing simple, pragmatic and fit for purpose solutions to help your business thrive.

David is an experienced HR professional with two decades experience in business.  He also has formal business qualifications including Bachelor of Business, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a member (CAHRI) of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Businesses typically ask for our general HR support in areas like:

Initial Job Design before Recruiting

Hiring a new employee is a big step for any business.  Hiring a new person is an investment for both you and the new employee.  If you get it right, then you have lifted the capability of your business.  Get it wrong then you create drag on your business including your time.

  • Draft a job description
  • Find the right Award or Professional classification
  • Set up the pay structure or pay range
  • Draft the job ad
  • Find the right channels to target the right job-seeker market
  • Draft behavioural-based questions relevant to the job and your business culture
  • Managing employee on-boarding and the relevant probation period
  • Post-employment restraints (if applicable)
Award Interpretation

The Australian Award system of over 100 Awards is notoriously complex and, sometimes, contradictory.  The Fair Work Ombudsman has become active in investigating allegations of “wage theft” creating a public relations nightmare for some businesses who have made simple mistakes.  We help businesses interpret Awards including:

  • Shift penalties, overtime and interaction with other allowances like Casual loadings
  • Compliance check for current wages and salaries to ensure the business is compliance with the relevant Award or Fair Work Act.
HR Policies

Your HR policies should provide you and your employees with enough guidance to help the business run smoothly and reliably.  This is balanced against keeping it simple to avoid a bureaucratic and time-consuming process.  We help businesses establish:

  • Simple policy frameworks to provide compliance with legislation and ‘duty of care’ obligations
  • Tailoring policies for your industry or business
  • Connecting businesses with other services e.g. Whistle-blower reporting, recruitment, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers
Incentive Scheme Design

Businesses investigating capability uplift and growth invariably look for ways to align staff effort to the business strategy.  We help you deliver incentive schemes aligned to your business strategy.  Tip:  Money is not always the answer!

We do this by helping you build your business goals, measures and targets.  These are then used to develop the basics of your incentive scheme.

We design schemes that meet your needs for cost efficiency, growth or productivity.  A well-designed incentive scheme return on investment should be easy to measure using your business metrics.

Performance Management

Many employers have experienced performance issues with employees.  We help you manage this by coaching you on the conversations to have with your employee or being with you while the conversations occur.  We will step you through the process to help your employee improve.  We can also take you through the process of warnings.  We can also help you with the termination process if the employee has not been able to improve.

Employment Termination

There are many reasons an employer may wish to end an employment relationship.  We help you navigate those issues fairly and in a way that is compliant with your legal obligations.  It is critical that other employees watching the situation unfold to see that you have been fair so that you maintain the trust and confidence of the rest of your team.

Some reasons for employment termination are:

  • Performance
  • Misconduct / Serious Misconduct (theft, poor behaviour)
  • Medical reasons (unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of the job)
  • Abandonment
  • Bona Fide Redundancy

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