Workplace Investigations

Foresight HR

Workplace investigations are needed from time to time to deal with issues of workplace harassment, discrimination claims and workplace bullying allegations.  It is essential that an employer deals with these complaints quickly, comprehensively and transparently so that customers and employees maintain confidence in your business.

Why wouldn’t I just do my own investigation?

In general terms, an employer can decide to do their own investigation.  This may be a way to save some money.  The benefits of having another party do the investigation are:

  • The employer & managers can continue to run the business during the investigation
  • An assigned investigator is focussed on your investigation so it should be timely and comprehensive
  • Decreases perceptions of bias
  • Post-investigation support is provided on an “as needs” basis
  • Third party investigators have typically conducted a number of investigations so are experienced and have current knowledge
Why Use Foresight HR?

We have conducted many investigations for businesses over the last two decades.  These have included normal workplace allegations of bullying, workplace harassment and discrimination.  We have also investigated allegations of fraud, conflict of interest, WHS breaches and misconduct by senior individuals.

There may be occasions where we recommend that a legal practitioner undertake the investigation.  We will have specific reasons for this course of action and would advise you where this is necessary.

David holds formal qualifications in investigations including a Certificate of General Policing and an Advance Certificate in Investigation Management.  He has also worked as a fulltime investigator for the Australian government in his early career including overseas experience.

What You Get

We provide a report of the facts including witness statements.  The report will contain sufficient factual evidence for the relevant manager to make a decision about the next steps.  The report will be an unbiased report of witness evidence and other relevant facts such as company policies or legislation (if relevant).

We will also provide a verbal briefing to the relevant manager in conjunction with the report.

We can provide advice on policy changes or other corrective actions arising from the investigation.  This may include disciplinary action and employment termination.

 Investigation Advice and Coaching

We provide advice and coaching to appropriately qualified company employees undertaking investigations to provide a short-term capability uplift to your business.  This is typically best used for HR professionals undertaking an investigation or for reviews of completed investigations.  This can be done via phone or video and is charged out on an hourly basis.